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Learn more about our research projects and clinicals trials in the areas of sleep apnoea, sleep and performance, and sleep and health.

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Education programs

The Centre for Sleep Science offers a number of degrees as well as outreach and community engagement opportunities.

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Our research team members have been widely published in various journals.  

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About the Centre for Sleep Science

About us

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Did you know we spend a third of our lives asleep? Waking after sufficient and healthy sleep makes us feel refreshed and rested. This is not the case for many individuals who have sleep disorders, poor sleep habits or who do shift work.

Research conducted at the Centre for Sleep Science at The University of Western Australia aims to identify the causes of, and investigate therapies for, poor sleep.

The Centre for Sleep Science boasts five bedrooms equipped with state-of-the-art sleep recording and analysis equipment for laboratory-based research sleep studies. The Centre also contains a range of training and seminar rooms and offices for staff and students. The Centre for Sleep Science is the base for a number of postgraduate sleep training courses offered through the University.

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